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Decoding Audioengine A5+ Performance- A Complete Review 2022 

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Have you ever dreaded listening to your favorite song on your lousy speaker and thinking that it could be better? Individuals with a keen eye for music can understand where there are limitations in a cheap speaker. Well, an authentic audio experience requires a premium sound stage, a well-crafted build, and much more. And, the Audio engine A5+ is quite in vogue among audiophiles. It comes with its power-packed dynamic speakers that shoot out 150 watts of jolting sounds. This unique bamboo-crafted speaker is a product that can independently function without an amplifier. It comes in unique colors and a classy outlook unlike any other speaker on the market. It even has multiple varieties such as white, black, and striking brown.

Audioengine A5+

Audioengine A5+ is such a comprehensive product that the manufacturers provide 30 days return policies with absolutely no questions. This trust is created through the high-quality integrated speakers, enabling the scope of exemplary audio delivery. Moreover, this product is entirely wireless and perfect for any modern-day parties and events. So, it makes an ideal fit for travel purposes too. You can take this device and place it in any musical scenario. We’re sure it’ll make a perfect conversational piece with its lively sound attracting attention. A significant factor for the classy version of this speaker is the success of the previous generations of Audioengine speakers. 

The positive reception yielded several improved generations for consumers to enjoy every bit of good audio. A unique aspect of this product is its excellent quality of wiring through the 3.5 MM line cable provided. This allows the speaker to operate in any circumstances with ease of use. You can place this speaker in your children’s hands without worrying about any entanglements at all. Further multiple aspects make the Audioengine A5+ stand out. 

Let’s take a peek-a-boo at Audioengine A5+’s most notable specifications.

Audioengine A5+


You and your friends can take a single glance at Audioengine A5+, and you will know how distinguished this speaker is from any of the market imitators currently present. This build is achieved through the actual wood utilization in the product’s build quality. A unique aesthetic and high-quality appearance are provided through this form of a wood-focused body. Audioengine A5+ is soft to touch. However, its robust nature makes it survive any fall. In addition, you get gold-plated banana plugs, speaker wire, high-quality remote control, and microfiber speaker backs are also provided. These have impeccable bills, and when the speaker is not in use, the microfiber can be used to protect Audioengine A5+.


Audioengine A5+ prioritizes convenience through its Bluetooth compatibility with any wireless device. You can take advantage of the latest 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity with Audioengine A5+. This seamless feature helps you stay in a range of Audioengine A5+ even if you’re several meters away. The product also has a sensitive 150 watts per channel monolithic amplifier in its output range for good bass. The analog options on Audioengine A5+ with manual imports are an easy-to-use- a no-brainer feature you require. The user experience is also improved through its three-year warranty, which is provided. If you’re having any issues, the Passion oriented focus of Audioengine A5+ enables you to make any exchanges with a replacement from the organization.

Audioengine A5+

Sound quality 

The multimedia options on Audioengine A5+ make it an impeccable choice if you’re a person who wants total control over the music system. The studio monitor option directly helps change the texture, music nuances, and much more for a greater depth of sound. Its vibrating surround sound can reproduce extraordinarily high and warm, rich sounds comparable to any studio-level system. If you’re a true audiophile, the 3.5 MM imports directly connect with your mobile phone, computer, or any other devices. This is ideal for individuals that want to hear music late at night or blast a music event for their friends.


Are you an iPhone user or an Android user? Well, Audioengine A5+ connects with almost everything. Some of the various specific products that Audioengine A5+ connects with include the Apple Ear Port Express, Audioengine Wireless Audio Adapters, any Windows or Mac computers, and others. So, you can understand the scope of variety with which Audioengine A5+ is directly compatible. Moreover, magnetically the speakers are shielded, which helps an advance include cabinet to create high precision sounds for any user experiencing it for the first time.

Final Thoughts

Audioengine A5+ provides a big bang for the buck for the value it delivers and just $469. With the precise craftsmanship and the top-notch clarity provided through both speakers, this is an incredible steal deal. The build quality itself is enough to make this last for you for years. Through the reviews of Audioengine A5+, it can be highlighted how the manufacturing company is providing highly effective customer care. This is important to help eliminate any barriers to using the product. More is being initiated from the direct home support being fed through to phone calls.

The software-supported monitoring system for Audioengine A5+ can also be a selling point. It can be mentioned that the AB monolithic power amplifier is supported with full-size 5 be speaker binding ports. You also get an improved thermal management system where any heat with long-term hours of play is dissipated immediately. The gold-plated connectors for Audioengine A5+s ensure that the highest quality of sound is being delivered. All of this is packaged with 1/4 threaded stand mount inserts, which enable sturdy performance in all conditions. Through all of these unique and high selling points, you have no reason not to choose Audioengine A5+.

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